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Det här är ett roligt inslag om energiproduktion från solceller placerade på balkonger. Dock så bör man nog även se den här genomgången från CCC: Decentralized energy production: green future or cybersecurity nightmare?

Our energy infrastructure is now changing from a centralized system based on big power plants to a more decentralized system based on renewable energy produced by smaller power plants (maybe yours). In Germany alone, 300.000 so called balcony power plants were in operation by August 2023. Most of these smaller power plants are / will be somehow connected to some cloud services.

To show that security hasn’t been the biggest priority, we will examine the cybersecurity controls of different solar inverters. To put it mildly: there is room for improvement.

We will also discuss the need for better regulations and enforcement of cybersecurity for smaller connected power plants: altogether they probably produce more power than the bigger ones - and this trend is accelerating.