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Well that’s weird, since the paper proposes that US could try extending Russia in Ukraine. It also literally warns of the risk that the conflict could turn into what it turned into. And of course, it’s not just the RAND paper that we have. I’ve linked you countless sources time and again. Yet, you just keep ignoring them. The fact that you keep on pretending that US had nothing to do with provoking the conflict in face of all the evidence you’ve been presented with repeatedly shows utter lack of intellectual integrity on your part.

The only person choosing propaganda over reality here is the one who thinks that US altruistically protects any nation from invasions.

US is responsible for majority of the invasions that have happened since WW2 that US massacred countless millions of people in. One has to have a brain as smooth as a bowling ball to think that US is sticking its rotten dick into Taiwan to help people there. You’ve already done enough helping in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless other countries. Your regime massacred millions of people around the globe while people like you justified these atrocities claiming you were just helping. The blood of millions is on your hands. You are personally responsible for what your despotic regime does because you help spread its propaganda that facilitates these atrocities.

And finally, I know you are utterly and completely full of shit when you do your hand wringing about self determination of Taiwan because if you cared about such things you’d be talking about independence of Hawaii that your regime occupies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaiian_sovereignty_movement and where your military is poisoning the land https://www.leftvoice.org/the-u-s-navy-poisoned-hawaiis-water-and-covered-it-up/

Or perhaps you should worry about the people of Bikini Atoll where your military ran human experiments exposing the people to radiation from atomic weapons to see the effects https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/02/bikini-atoll-nuclear-test-60-years

The sad part here is that you don’t even realize just how deplorable your nation is and how much harm it’s done to the world. You are not the good guys and you never were. You’re an extractive empire that’s destroying humanity and whose ideology is driving us towards extinction.

The article just says they have the capability, and being able to hit US is a good deterrence.

US warnings were 100% correct because US intentionally provoked Russia into taking military action using the method that a RAND paper outlined with the intent of extending Russia. It’s so easy to predict that things you’re actively trying to make happen will happen.

Now, US is trying to repeat the stunning success it managed to achieve in Ukraine in Taiwan. I sincerely hope that your economy collapses before that happens so you finally leave the rest of the world alone.

Secretly to a lot of people living in Europe who have been convinced that Europe is completely independent of Russian energy today.

Yeah, UN is a completely toothless organization in the end.

US continues to act like Florida of the world.

It’s a dispute for China and Vietnam to resolve. US has no business in this. And if you think Vietnam is partial to US in any way, what else is there to tell you.

It’s even more insidious than that. Majority of the population needs recurring income to operate. This includes private individuals and businesses. When the crash happens and people aren’t able to sustain a level of income to service their costs then lots of people become insolvent and are forced to sell off their assets for pennies on the dollar. This is great news for billionaires who can then swoop in and buy up everybody’s assets on the cheap. This is why crashes always lead to further wealth concentration.

How fake news is created.
To protect its market share, Facebook has hired a lobbying firm to demonize TikTok. A company called Targeted Victory pays people to write op-eds in prominent newspapers; and recruits pay-for-play politicians to hype security threat of the “Communist China”.

Even if we go along with the version that Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam, that still doesn’t explain what a US warship is doing there. Last time I checked Vietnam wasn’t a US colony either.

Shouldn’t you at least provide an example of what you consider a draconian sentence handed out by a Cuban court to people “protesting their rights” if you’re going to shitpost here?

The only investigation that shows any methodology is from BBC and it only manages to find 16k losses on Russian side. Russia is also not using conscripts, they’ve called up reservists. These reservists haven’t even been put into combat so far. Of course I stopped expecting any shred of intellectual honesty from you a long time ago.

Meanwhile, the only fascist idea here is that the west should keep fuelling this war. In prior conversations you made it clear that you fully support the west keeping this conflict going by flooding Ukraine with weapons. You don’t care how many people suffer and die as long as Ukraine remains part of western hegemony. Evidently you don’t like being reminded of what this war means in human terms. Really sad to see from a self proclaimed anarchist.

That’s right, the Germans are just as expendable as Ukrainians. Once US runs out of Ukrainians to throw in the meat grinder it’ll be the turn for the Germans.

Biden admin would rather kill us all than admit they picked a fight they can’t win.

Yeah, this has to be pretty limited compared to actual ChatGPT. RAM required for the scale of models for GPT3/4 are well beyond consumer hardware. 13B parameter model takes about 8gb, and GPT3/4 use around 165B as I recall.

I think the way to get something comparable would be using an approach like Bloom where you have a torrent style distributed system effectively creating a crowd sourced supercomputer.

It seems like a really minor nitpick to me. Putin obviously met with African leaders already, so it’s not like photo is fake. There will be another meeting in a few months, so it’s not like the tweet is misrepresenting the situation in the grand scheme of things.

No idea why they used the particular picture, but there’s nothing false about the statement in the tweet.

African delegations from 40 countries are in Russia right now, it doesn’t say all African presidents are in Russia.This is also reported by TASS https://tass.com/politics/1590375

Also, wasn’t Putin receiving Xi today?

The tweet literally says:

Putin is also scoring big on global diplomacy. Meetings with Africa, followed by Xi Jinping’s 3-day visit!

What are you claiming is not true?

We have had this exact discussion many times on this site. I have provided you with detailed explanations and numerous references from western media and western researches explaining how and why US created the conditions for the war. The RAND paper I linked earlier clearly details the motivation and the methods US would use to provoke Russia into war in Ukraine.

Yet, despite all this, you continue insisting that Russia invaded Ukraine unprovoked and that US had no role in creating this conflict. What you are supposed to do is educate yourself on this subject or avoid spreading misinformation.

All of your “points” have been repeatedly addressed many times on this site. Yet, you continue shamelessly lying about the situation. Why do you keep doing this?

This war literally wouldn’t be happening if not for US ambitions to encircle and weaken Russia.

I was saying that HramonyOS is a fork of Android. Linux is obviously a separate story from that. And here are a couple of article about China ditching Windows for a homegrown Linux distro

This is a national security concern for China, so I expect there will be a sustained push to move everything to homegrown platforms.

It’s actually happening. HuaWei pretty much switched to their own HarmonyOS that’s been forked from Android, and China has an initiative to replace Windows with Linux on the desktop as well.

Yeah, it’s promising and even MacOs numbers are a positive because it takes away from the Windows share. I think the future is looking up for Linux if these trends continue.