Anyone that claims to speak on behalf of the universe is either a liar or a fool

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I dont think ive ever seen another counties military base in the USA. Why is that?

I haven’t tried it but I’m pretty sure the steam client would download the native version over the windows version if available. As for the game assets, I have no idea. I’ll have to give it a try sometime.

IPTV is $20 a month and you get every channel in the world. Theres still an insane amount of commercials tho.

As with the rest of the banking system, failures are more of a cascade than an all at once thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the first of many banks to fail this year.

I keep hearing on the news “the US banking system is healthy and resilient, there is no need to worry”.

A revolution into what though? The American people are so divided and can’t seem to agree on a seemingly infinite number of issues that would have likely been non issues had the government not been actively creating them and fanning the flames of existing divides for most of its existence. If you keep your populace fighting amongst themselves, especially with issues tied to religion and morality, they will likely never actually unite and fight their true enemy.

Anyway, if the USA fell then north america would probably either turn into a complete totalitarian state owned by the banks and controlled by a private police force. Either that or will break up into smaller territories where existing States will form their own unions, some more progressive then the ones that will bring back mask of slavery and fascism. If there were ever an actual revolution in the USA, the existing borders would be extensively remapped and many would be dissolved entirely. Not quite sure what would happen to Canada. Maybe it would absorb some of the northern states?

In my eyes if theres a revolution that doesn’t also take down the global banking system, it will be a revolution in name only.

Lol “I dont understand so I’m going to flip over the table and leave”.

I’ll never be happy

You asked why your religion might bother someone, not what you did.

I think it was the crusades. Or the boy touching. Could be both.

This is why doctors should attend school for free but not get paid insane amounts for their work. Most people who go to medical school dont actually give a shit about anyone but themselves and how much money they can make

question the official narrative on global policy? you must be spooked by chinese or, uh, russian propaganda! which ever one we feel like blaming today.

Don't read the twitter replies unless you want to have a brain aneurysm. This shit is blowing my mind

However he is likely correct in this context. To deny the possibility of CIA involvement in the 2014 coup is to ignore all the other governments they have helped to overthrow around the world. Dividing populations by furthering the cultural divide between ethnic groups is literally right out of the CIA playbook.

I dont know if you’ve seen this but it really helps bring a lot into context. I can’t get any liberals to watch it since anything with Putin speaking they instantly discredit by calling it Russian propaganda.

I didn’t say anti war means siding with fascists. I said giving fascists a platform in any context is aligning yourself with them, whatever ideas you agree on.

I also never said siding with NATO is a good thing, and everyone I know who calls themselves an anarchist has been calling out their bullshit as well.

What I am saying is that calling all anarchists collectively NATO shills is not helping your argument and only serves to alienate potential allies against capital. You likely have more common ground with them than the fascists being platformed at things such as ‘rage against the war machine’. Oh also the rage against the machine title is super fucking cringe. Reminds me of magas dancing to killing in the name at the trump rallies.

So side with the fascists as long as they align with your echo chamber? Allow the public sentiment to move further right as you platform their narratives. That doesn’t sound like the right move, no pun intended.

Well when a ‘democatic’ state next to yours undergoes a coup orchestrated by western powers at the behest of the global banking system and a bunch of people there call bullshit on it and ask for your help what do you do?

Or when USA decides no more free war machines. I also wouldn’t call Russia’s actions imperialist as everything going on in eastern Europe the Russian response to NATO expansion.

But I guess I’m just a liberal according to the tankies.

Those right wingers are just there to be contrarian and will show up anywhere someone is willing tog ive them a platform. They’re also skewing the narrative to make anyone antiwar sound like they align with the right wing when you try to argue with liberals about it. Every single time I question that war to meat space liberals they go right to calling me a republican trumpet.

What the fuck good does that comment do? Its like you’re just trying to be a dick.

Why focus the shade on them? The one big recent anti war protest in DC had a bunch of maga right wingers, is that the type of class unity you would rather have while ragging on the anarchists? Isn’t unity with fascists one of your biggest historical gripes with Ukraine?

Hmmm. I’m thinking maybe that phantom movie that was in your jf library was originally not in it’s own movie directory but in the root of your movies folder. It’s maybe possible that jellyfin then deleted the entire root directory of that movie when you hit delete, which would be your root movies folder.

Never heard of this happening before but it’s conceivably possible. Was the entire movie directory deleted or just everything inside it?

Most of the people I know and chat with would choose a device with a physical keyboard if they had the option. Theres plenty of ‘niche’ groups that agree, which probably outnumber the actual Nokia userbase by a lot. When was the last time you have actually seen a Nokia device yourself? Also, have you ever actually used a phone with a physical keyboard?

A variety of third party applications to input text is definitely not an additional attack vector to worry about.

Ive used many in my time Swiftkey was they only one I really ever likedbutMicrosoft’boughtthenm so that’s the end of that. I stick with the stock graphene os keyboard.

I know Nokia isn’t the same company it was when it made good phones but if they’re going to try to start making them again they should really bring back physical keyboards and maybe even something like the communicator device line. Theres a growing demand for physical keyboards on their devices, especially since all the ones with modern specs are basically all the same, just a wafer of glass that is essentially disposable to a lot of people, especially since they can’t even do as much as change the battery without voiding the warranty or paying a shop to do it.

Also they could really bring back a large userbase if they ressurected maemo/meego. Would be interesting to see a partnership with sailfish or maemo-leste, or at least support for mainline Linux.

I typed this on a touchscreen and I loathe every second of it.

How are you supposed to use Netflix on a mobile device if they’ll only let you connect from home?

If you have a piece if media in your jf library and its been deleted from disk, the first thing you should do is run a library scan which should remove any deleted files from your library.

Where exactly did you click ‘remove media’? I can’t find that anywhere, the only thing close to that is ‘delete media’ which will obviously delete the file. If you dont want jellyfin to be able to delete files, you can set your file permissions to disallow write access to groups/all and run jellyfin as a different user than the owner of the file. Just make sure it still has read access to your files.

I can’t quite figure out how it deleted all of your movies in that library. Did you click the remove option in the library page under the dashboard? I dont think that should actually delete your files, just remove the library from jf.

Well at least you didn’t call it a democratic nation.

cross-posted from: > I would paste the actual content of the post here but it would probably get me banned from the instance, even with the slur filters (cringe). > > Anyway. I didn't know who this cracker was before the mastodon spam post here and I've since done a bit of research. This was a recent post by whoever empress is, apparently they are seething all over reddit and it has spilled in this direction. She also really hates fitgirl, someone we all know and love.

Also example of markup in the titles on jerboa Also sorry if this is the wrong sub to post this in, they're all very spread out

A high-hazard flammable unit train was defined as a train going faster than 30 miles per hour with at least 70 loaded tank cars containing certain highly flammable liquids, such as crude oil and ethanol. However, even if this safety rule had still been in effect, it would not have applied to the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine, because it was not categorized as a high-hazard cargo train.

Explosion, plume of smoke from train derailment scene in East Palestine, Ohio
Huge vinyl chloride spill being ignited. Thankfully they averted the railway strike.


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