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The start of the Great Depression and the subsequent mass unemployment must have seemed like the fulfillment of the popular prophecy of the previous decade (and century): that automation would eventually render too many unemployed and cause societal disorder. Without a concrete cause for this sudden and shocking economic turmoil, even societies greatest thinkers would reflexively finger automation as a key cause.

Good thing nobody ignored warnings about both the nature of crisises and the automation effects in capitalism a certain bearded man wrote few decades before, right?

League of Nations, predecessor of UN, practically openly waged war on RSFSR, but that ultimately failed because conflicting interests within it.

Especially reminds me of the articles about Florida man kidnapping and raping alligator and the other one who pushed 150mm artillery shell in his ass (both probably fake but still).

I wonder where our resident USA stans suddenly disappeared in last few days.

What a wild ride of article, those “advisors” overdosed on copium and some hallucinogens so much i expected some of them voiced the statements when hanging from the ceiling.

The best part was when one of them, in some distant glimpse of awareness, compared Ukraine to Confederates.

But just the fact that a major tech company is getting aboard the e-bike trend is noteworthy in itself.

They smell money, meaning there is demand for it.

And what if… what if Frank’s startup and those other 100 ideas just went under too?

“40 African countries are in Moscow today!!” is also inaccurate statement, no way 40 countries would fit in Moscow and the transport of entire countries with land and buildings and people would also pose some difficulties.

Smh headlines :)

how about an arrest warrant for people who started war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Hahaha no

Also it’s not like half of EU did not take part in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Also how is that even “drive trough” when you have to wait in queue way longer than you would have to when on foot. The only really “drive through” thing in USA appears to be the car shootings.

That’s actually pretty good piloting. US lie machine already inflated it to like 19 attempts lol.

Oh well i guess shooting the hobby balloon in the action worth 2 million $ would be considered better. That drone cost 32 million btw.

And speaking of balloons, US reaction to that incident seems to be strangely mild considering when they started shooting random thing and raised unholy fuss for a week because a balloon?

Also what did that drone, with payload of 1,5 ton do so far from its country? Migrating like a bird since the spring is coming?

Their worth as asset is also currently rapidly diminishing as the tech companies sack people by the thousands. Really cult.

Seriously? Marvel dialogues are among the cringiest possible, they could catch random people on streets and pay them to fix it and the effect would be probably much better.

Drastically weird after they had been once already used by USA almost exactly like Ukraine.

Also do they really think they are gonna be admitted to EU? One look at map would say “hell no” and another look at history of EU would double this.

Feels like this comment chain shouldnt have turned into China vs US…

It wouldn’t if they weren’t so painfully hypocrite with this.

This totally don’t look like a sign of impotent anger.

Also, since it was probably inspired by recent name change by Turkey to Turkiye, someone should remind them that this only works when renaming their own country.

There’s enough houses already fo fill the most immediate need. They just aren’t affordable. Capitalism is the problem.

Pretty cute i would say

Get the pill out of the fishbowl and the cat off the cabinet. Call his wife.

Cat’s wife???

Banning every US based social network when?

Oh who am i kidding.

Chud conspiracy theories are not as “widely believed” as you would think, it says more of you than anything else.

Also, you just did the dreaded Wha-a-a-a-t-aboooooutism!

It’s a good point. The laws of robotics, as proposed by Asimov, would make robots communists.

Just grab the cat, hold the pill in your fingers and wait when he will try to bite them off. Easy.

I tried to explain it to you, because otherwise i would have to just answer “Read Marx”.

Anyway, thanks for openly stating you’re not here in the good faith, you saved me quite a lot of time.

Oh boy. I won’t tell you to read “Capital”, but if you want to understand terms like “profit margins” or “variable capital” and it’s relations to capitalism, and also about the “Imeprialism: th highest state of capitalism” (that’s about monopolies, and this one is Lenin’s book) you should get right in. Or at least see one of numerous reading guides for marxism.

Very short and unadequate explanation: profit margins are the relation between profits and invested capital, the trend is that profit margins are historically falling averagely when the absolute amount of profit might be record at the same time.

Competition - i mentioned competition because it is easier to understand how capitalism is developing itself (and it still exist in various sectors or places locally) - capital tends to concentrate, whomever is not either monopoly or cutting edge of the profit margins gets marginalised and eventually eaten by competition. But major sectors of economy in US are effectively monopolies for decades now.

Savings on the variable capital are savings on labour costs. This can occur in many forms - intensifying productivity, longer hours, pay cuts, safety cuts, etc. etc. Also of course children labour, since you pays children less. If you look at history of labour laws, every positive change always required labour movement to fight for it, and/or have external pressure (like the establishment of socialist countries and revolution threat had significant impact over labour laws in Europe and even US).

Currently the labour movement is weakest it had been in maybe 1,5 century, and capitalism is nearing yet another point of crisis (probably worst since Great Depression, some even predict worse) so of course you do have things like children labour being considered and attempting to implement.

This is less about reps and more about the workings of capitalist system. What we currently observe is the phase where the falling profit margins are catching up with slowing expansion or even decline. Therefore the competition itself (be it aginst other capitalists or rather, since this is monopolist phase, against the dogma that profits must always go up) forces savings on the variable capital going harder and further than usual. Especially it is combined with labour movement being the weakest since XIX century.

Reps are sure the first offenders, but give it some time and you would have dems doing it too, with probably much louder justification propaganda.

Expected to heavily feature tax increases on corporations and high earners.

Coup in USA when?

But in all seriousness, whatever anyone can expect, neoliberals always have just one recipe for all things: austerity (the one which somehow never include the rich), and i bet US will go hard there.

which can certainly not be harmed.

MFW my cooking skills are on the level of “eggs exploded and are covering everything around”

Nah, they really are very cocky because of NATO, they don’t for a second believe Russia is gonna attack us, they are just playing russophobic cards because it is cornerstone of entire polish state.

as if Russia is going to invade EU member states

It’s pretty fun if disturbing to watch Poland government and media, after non stop 20+ years of “NATO is making us safest in history” suddenly adding to that “Putin is gonna invade us once he finish Ukraine”, saying both at the same time.

So, even aside his obvious gusano neo nazi existence, he paint himself in a very dubious light, first he talk about how Russia is “defenseless” and “weak”, but then he tell about how he need Ukraine help to carry on this attack because there were “mined bridges, cameras, heat-seeking drones, hidden open observation points”. And that entire attack was basically what, a drive by shootout in style of typical gangster action, just against completely random civilians in small village?

Actually it’s pretty consistent with the post-ww2 forest brothers, cursed soldiers etc, a cowardly nazi murderers who talk big but can only shoot defenseless peasants in surprise attacks. The only thing lacking for complete picture is a pogrom of Jews.

They actually did few days ago, remember the thread that had like 80 comment long chain XD

How heroic, that surely paid off all those billions.